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About Refreshing Rewards

Thorntons Refreshing Rewards is a big deal. It gives you discounts on gas and rewards you based on visits, not on how much you spend. It also gives you ‘personalized perks’ based on the things you buy most. Every visit is a big deal and you deserve the good stuff.

Stop into your neighborhood Thorntons and pick up a Refreshing Rewards card today!

Thorntons Refreshing Rewards program is only available at Thorntons stores in Tennessee, Lexington Kentucky, Paris Kentucky, Versailles Kentucky, Tampa Florida, Clearwater Florida, Evansville Indiana, Terre Haute Indiana and the Chicago area of Illinois.

Be sure to also download our mobile app!  Keep track of your Refreshing Rewards, receive custom notifications and offers, use the store locator to find the nearest location and more!

Search your app store for "Thorntons Refreshing Rewards".


Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to the most common questions, please download our FAQ document at: