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Fabulous Fountain

 Ahhhh, the refreshing taste of a Fabulous Fountain drink!

We sell over 7 million cups of Fabulous Fountain per year, so at Thorntons we go the extra mile to provide you with high quality great tasting fountain drinks.

Over the past 40 years, Thorntons has worked with equipment manufacturers to find state of the art equipment that ensures a consistently effervescent ice cold beverage delivered at the optimal temperature for pure refreshment. Our drinks are made with 100% filtered water to ensure a crisp clean tasting fountain beverage. So no matter how you like to make your drink with a variety of flavors, cubed or nugget ice, at Thorntons your drink will be the best possible every time-a promise we guarantee.


Thornton stores only sell “Certified Quality” Fabulous Fountain drinks.  In fact, we are so confident of the great taste and quality of our fountain drinks that we guarantee that you will have a Fabulous tasting fountain drink every time you shop at Thorntons.

Our products meet or exceed the rigorous Quality Assurance standards set by the beverage industry. We combine state of the art equipment and conscientious Team Members to deliver those rigorous standards to you every day.

Offering you a choice is what we do best!  Along with our wide selection of fountain drinks, we also offer free flavor shots!  With so many choices, you have the ability to mix it up and create any number of flavor combinations.  In fact, there are over 17 billion flavor combinations you can make!

Ice is another important part of having the best drink possible and we make sure that you have the choice between Cubed ice or nugget ice so that you can make your mix-yours!

With 20 & 32 ounce cup sizes, you can quench your thirst any way you choose.  Our great foam cups ensure your fountain drinks remain colder longer than traditional paper or plastic cups.  Our cups are great insulators for beverages, don’t sweat and use fewer raw materials and energy to produce than paper or plastic cups.  We also have reusable refill mugs so you can have your Fabulous Fountain drink in your favorite cup.

Our FREEquency program is a great way for you to have your Fabulous Fountain drink at a great value.  Join the FREEquency Rewards club TODAY and get every 7th drink free!


A great fountain drink starts with a state of the art fountain system.  Our ice cooled fountain system serves as a “mini-factory” designed to produce beverages of high quality.  Filters remove any impurities from the water.   A carbonator mixes CO2 and filtered water to produce carbonated water.  Syrup is pumped into the fountain machine along with the carbonated water.  The lines feed through an aluminum cold plate.  The cold plate is chilled by ice that is not dispensed for customer use.    This process chills the product to the optimal level of 32 to 39 degrees.  When a product is dispensed, valves inside the fountain machine mix carbonated water and syrup at just the right ratio, producing a perfectly mixed drink.

To many of us water is just water.  We take it for granted, yet we fail to realize how important water really is to a great tasting fountain drink.  Water contains various impurities that can affect the taste of a fountain drink.   100% of the water that goes into our fabulous fountain drinks is filtered.

All stores have Everpure water filtration systems installed to filter out impurities and lime scale from the water.   The filters remove chlorine, off-tastes, odors, dirt, and other impurities.  We change our filters on a regular basis to guarantee the best quality drinks available. 

Our fountain drinks are served at an optimal 39 degrees or below.  Maintaining this temperature also reduces foam, prevents ice from melting as quickly, and maintains the drink’s original quality longer.  

Carbon Dioxide plays a very important role in bringing out the flavor of a beverage.  We set our carbonation rates to provide the perfect fizz to our fountain drinks.  Our CO2 is delivered and stored in large tanks to ensure we are in-stock of the one ingredient that makes our drinks fizz.

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