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Great Coffee


Thorntons set the gold standard for coffee shops long before there was one on every corner. Our 100% Arabica coffees are slow roasted fresh and ground fresh immediately before brewing. Our blend recipe surpasses the highest quality standards of the very best coffee shops in America. In blind consumer taste tests, our House blend beat all of our major competitors’ coffee hands down. We filter the water before brewing and we brew it fresh throughout the day using sparkling clean state of the art coffee brewing equipment.

Our Thorntons team members take specialized coffee barista training to be certified to brew our great coffee. We offer the widest array of coffee condiments available to the most discriminating coffee drinker. Most of our coffee bars feature dozens of flavor opportunities from whole milk, half n half, a full line of flavored creamers, flavor shots, and sweeteners. We take coffee seriously- so all you have to do is pour a fresh flavorful cup- and enjoy the deep rich aroma and taste- served up at an incredible value.

We have a long history of great coffee. Give us a try next time you stop in. Coffee shop taste at about half the price!