Smoker Offers!

Thorntons is excited to announce special smoker offers for our Refreshing Rewards members. Sign up is FREE and EASY. Once we verify you are 21 years of age or older, you will receive special tobacco offers. It really is that easy to start receiving smoker offers. Limited to eligible smokers 21 and older. Registration required to participate.

How to receive smoker offers!

  1. Become a Refreshing Rewards member.
  2. Download the latest version of our mobile app (required for offer, visit our site for supported devices).
  3. Follow the app instructions so we can verify you are 21 years of age or older.

Mobile App

Be sure to download our mobile app in order to get smoker offers! This is an exclusive reward to our mobile app!

Search your app store for “Thorntons Refreshing Rewards”.

Android devices

Offer is not available on all Android devices. Below is a complete list of Android devices. More devices will be added!





Terms & Conditions

Learn more about how your rewards work by reviewing our Terms & Conditions.

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Click here to download Thorntons FREE Gas for A Year Sweepstakes official rules.

​With FREEquency Rewards you can earn free items when you buy a certain amount of specified items.

Refreshing Rewards

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Refreshing Rewards

Thorntons Refreshing Rewards gives you discounts on gas and rewards based on visits, not on how much you spend. It also gives you ‘personalized perks’ based on the things you buy most. Every visit is a big deal and you deserve the good stuff.

New to the program?

Welcome aboard! Start earning your Refreshing Rewards by registering your card with us.

Register My Card

Already a Rewards member?

Welcome back! Check your Rewards updates or update your account information.

Account Login

Once you’ve registered your card, you’ve already achieved the Welcome level! Perks include:

  • 10 cents off per gallon of gas for the first 30 days.
  • Personalized discounts and offers on your favorite items.
  • Digital punch cards.
  • Automatic “swipestakes” entries.

After 10 visits, you’ll bump up to our second level. (It’s really that simple!) Perks at the Premium Level include all Welcome Level benefits as well as:

  • 10 cents off per gallon of gas on your birthday.
  • Email receipts.

After 25 visits, you’ll be a Thorntons VIP! At the VIP Level, you’ll receive all Welcome and Premium Level benefits as well as:

  • 24-hour low fuel price guarantee.
  • 3 cents off per gallon on every fill.

Ready to get started earning your rewards? Stop into your neighborhood Thorntons and pick up a Refreshing Rewards card today! Thorntons Refreshing Rewards program is available at participating locations.

Mobile App

Be sure to also download our mobile app! Keep track of your Refreshing Rewards, receive custom notifications and offers, use the store locator to find the nearest location and more!

Search your app store for “Thorntons Refreshing Rewards”.

Terms & Conditions

Learn more about how your rewards work by reviewing our Terms & Conditions.

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You can now download brand maps for all our markets. Be sure to also download our Refreshing Rewards Mobile app to help you find any of our stores while you are on the go!







Terms and Conditions

How your rewards work

In order to begin receiving Thorntons Refreshing Rewards, pick up your Thorntons Refreshing Rewards Card at any Participating Thorntons Location and register your Refreshing Rewards card number at or by using the Thorntons Refreshing Rewards mobile app.

Thorntons Refreshing Rewards program is available at all Thorntons locations.

Three ways to use your Refreshing Rewards

Hereafter referred to as using your “Thorntons Refreshing Rewards Card”

What you receive for signing up

How you earn Thorntons Refreshing Rewards

You earn Thorntons’ Refreshing Rewards each time you have a Qualifying Visit. A Qualifying Visit is earned each time you visit Participating Thorntons Locations and make a purchase using your Thorntons Refreshing Rewards Card at Thorntons fuel pumps or at Thorntons registers.

For example, if you enter the phone number associated with your Thorntons Refreshing Rewards Card at the pump and complete a purchase, you will be awarded a Qualifying Purchase; however, you will not be awarded a Qualifying Visit when you use an ATM inside a Participating Thorntons Location or make a purchase at a Redbox at a Participating Thorntons Location. However, if you purchase an item that qualifies for rewards along with one of the aforementioned products you will earn a Qualifying Visit.

The number of visits for each Reward level is calculated by the number of Qualifying Visits you had in the past twelve (12) months.

There are three Refreshing Reward levels. You reach new levels each time you complete the requisite number of Qualifying Visits.

Three Reward Levels

WELCOME LEVEL Active after you register your Thorntons Refreshing Rewards card until you complete ten (10) Qualifying Visits

After you register your card each time you have a Qualifying Visit you will be eligible to receive:

PREMIUM LEVEL Active during your eleventh (11th) thru twenty-fifth (25th) Qualiftying Visit.

After ten (10) Qualifying Visits you will receive all of the benefits in the Welcome Level as well as:

VIP LEVEL Active after twenty-five (25) or more Qualifying Visits

After 25 Qualifying Visits you receive all of the benefits included in the Welcome Level and Premium Level and:

How to check your Reward level

There are three convenient ways to check your Reward level:


By signing up and participating in the Thorntons Refreshing Rewards Program, you expressly agree to all terms and conditions of the Thorntons Refreshing Rewards Program.

The following conditions and restrictions apply:

Fleet Credit Card Information

Guests using a Fleet credit card during a Qualifying Visit will not receive the following rewards: $0.10 off a gallon of gasoline for the first 30 days, the Premium Level Birthday fuel discount, VIP 24 hour low fuel price guarantee, or the VIP Level $0.03 discount. Fleet credit cards include, but are not limited those cards issued by: Wright Express®, WEX Fleet One®, Fuel Man®, Voyager® and Comdata®. Thorntons may, at any time, in its sole discretion and without notice, change or modify those credit cards or fleet credit cards are included or excluded from receiving any and all rewards under the Thorntons’ Refreshing Rewards program.”

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at anytime without notice at the sole discretion of Thorntons Inc.

Thorntons Inc. expressly reserves the right to discontinue the Thorntons Refreshing Rewards program at any time at its sole discretion.

All Thorntons Refreshing Rewards cards are licensed to Thorntons Inc. and you acquire no ownership interest or property right thereto. No right, title or interest in any intellectual property, including but not limited to trademarks and copyrights, used by Thorntons Inc. in connection with the Thorntons Refreshing Rewards card or program is transferred to you except as expressly authorized in writing and signed by Thorntons Inc.

Thorntons Inc. expressly reserves the right to suspend, terminate or discontinue a Thorntons Refreshing Rewards member’s rewards for misuse or at any time for any reason.

Thorntons Inc. makes no express or implied warranties regarding the Thorntons Refreshing Rewards card, program or your participation therein.

To report cards lost or stolen or to obtain a replacement card, call 1-800-928-8022.

Thorntons’ full Privacy Policy can be found at

Thorntons Inc. 10101 Linn Station Road Suite 200 Louisville, KY 40223

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