Our Company Culture

As a family-owned, privately-held company, Thorntons strives daily to be people’s favorite place to stop when they are on the go.

Our team-based, high-performance culture is a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and a core purpose centered on our guests.

Our Core Values

Each Thorntons team member is guided by our core values:

Delight Our Guests

Thorntons provides fresh, high-quality products. We aim to keep our stores cleaner and brighter than others in the industry, with faster and friendlier service from our team members. Our guests are our top priority and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Passion for Details

Retail is detail! We are passionate about the details of our business, focusing on processes and systems to improve our offerings, service, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Restless Dissatisfaction

We are results-oriented and constantly looking for ways to improve our performance. We routinely set targets, and seek and provide feedback to make improvements for our team.

Everyone Counts

Our culture is inclusive and we treat everyone with dignity and respect. We seek out and respond quickly to suggestions and questions from our team members. All members of our leadership team are available and approachable.

Cheer for Each Other

We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of all team members. We believe that recognition accelerates our performance and makes Thorntons a great place to work.

Have Fun

Although we take our work very seriously, we make the most of lighthearted moments and have a sense of humor about ourselves.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Thorntons is a leading, independent gasoline/convenience-chain retailer, marketing throughout the Midwest. Thorntons ranks as one of Kentucky’s largest privately-held companies with more than $2.3 billion in annual revenue. It recently was ranked 250th in Forbes magazine’s annual list of 500 largest privately held companies. For media inquires, please contact our Media Hotline at 844-945-3321 or email us at media@thorntonsinc.com.

Core Purpose: To be people’s favorite place to stop when they are on the go